Friday, November 20, 2015

My Game

My Idea is to make a Mmo-like game app for Android or IOS called Cyborg Smash. In Cyborg Smash you get to pick your robot from different designs. You also get to choose your class. You could pick Tank Assassin or Cleric. In my game, I also have stats such as speed and defense or attack. Some classes give advantages like Tank, Boosts, Defense and Attack. Assassin boosts speed and stamina and Cleric boosts intelligence and Wisdom. In my game i'm also gonna work on adding a multiplayer type of game-mode were you can fight online peoples robots and enter tournaments and win  things such as trophies And there are different leagues you can join and the higher the league the stronger the players this is my games ideas i still have more but if i shared it it would be a page long, I hope you like it Thanks -Derrick

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