Thursday, January 14, 2016

Game Sprites

Today I am working on creating sprites for my game. Sprites are the character that you either play as in the game you're playing or control in your game like for  example luigi and mario in the Mario games or Zelda in Zelda Tri Force. In my game my sprites are going to be robots the robots are going to be different colors. The sprites in my game will also change over the to represent the more upgrades you get for your robot, Like when you upgrade like the strength or defense of your robot it will get a little more buff. Some of the sprites in my game will have special visual features that a regular player can't get. Those Sprites represent the bosses that you will be fighting in story mode. I am going to try to sketch out my sprites instead of getting them from the internet. To sketch my sprites i am probably going to download "Paint" to the computer i have at home and work from there.

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