Thursday, February 25, 2016

For my ideal showcase board I talked about Why the project is worth it and i said that it would help me get Scholarships and it would help me get a better knowledge of coding and Computer arts, On my board i also talked about the cost, I said that it wouldn't cost as much as people thought because you don't really have to buy anything except a person that can help with coding and Thee sketches and at the most that would cost 50 dollars. On my board i also talked about a mentor if i wanted one, I said that if i could get a mentor it would be Markus Persson Also known as the creator of minecraft. So during the ideal showcase about 3 people came up and asked me some questions they talked about what coding software i was going to be using and i said i was going to be using javascript. they also talked about how i'm going to animate my characters and i said that i really don't have a final way to do it, I said i would be testing Animation softwares and apps that would come out with a better finished product.

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